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Hi, I am new! This is one of my stories

Don't mess with forces you can't handle!

Weird things that go bump in the night. I think all of my life I have sensed things, like death in the family, other strange things I just haven't talked about. I guess I was afraid people would think I was crazy. I feel presence of others, not human but human like. I have also been haunted by things that are unexplained.

Ghost, spirits, whatever you call them. Almost every place I have ever lived strange things happen. People hearing voices, footsteps, things like that. I have never seen a ghost in human form just shadows, some have form some don't. All I know is that some of these things haunt my family members, like the twins, once after I did the Ouija board. That night something grabbed the twins bunk bed and rattled them awake. They came into my room screaming. I took the board outside the next day, and I said a prayer and broke it. Needless to say that thing what ever it was went away. I figured I had messed with something that was bad news and I haven't used a board since. I swore never to use anything to bring up a bad spirit or whatever it was, again.

What is it?

Have you ever been grabbed by something under the covers but when you looked there was nothing there? I have been grabbed touched by things that I could not see. My cat follows a shadow cat around. Of course he looks up and stares at the wall but we can't see what he is looking at. I also here some thing in the kitchen rustling around. When I look I don't see anything disturbed. My cat is the first one to notice any of these things. With the exception of me being grabbed under the covers. He has literally jumped away from areas on the couch with his tail puffed up. I am not claiming any thing like ghost or whatever. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced these things with no explanations? Let me know if you wish to share.


I told you about my little ghost problem I have in my apartment. Today I will tell you the funny part of the story. Almost every week this trickster, takes things from us and then makes the stuff reappear. I know people say these things can't hurt you physically, but how the heck can they hide stuff and make it reappear in a different place. I mean I could explain one or two things away, like not remembering where I put my keys. This trickster of ours is a funny one. Will take coffee cups full of coffee, will steal the cats toy for a day. It makes the blinds move move right in the middle of a scary movie. Things like that. There is one thing I haven't figured out yet. That is when I moved in here there was a little girls name Celeste on my blinds. I washed it off three times, you could not see it at all. Then one or two days later the name would reappear in the color green like the original color. That was a bit freakish. I was a bit set back by this. I am wondering if she is a little girl trickster, what do you think?
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